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    Photo © A+D Museum

A+D Museum Los Angeles

[Im]permanent Collection


14”x 14” x 14” with fur rug

“In Shâhnâmeh--the national Persian/Iranian epic book of kings (a long epic poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi between c. 977 and 1010 ce), Barmâyeh is a mythical cow, that saves the king of kings, Fereydun, by feeding him--as a child, with her milk, and keeping him safe from the hands of the evil enemy, Zahhak. later, Zahhak as revenge kills Barmâyeh. named after Shâhnâmeh's mythical cow, and living a hybrid ancient-contemporary life, Barmâyeh is a pet, adopted from a mythological origin. Her immature multi-directional embryonic "body" like topology from one hand and multi-orientational/multi-scalar reading suggestions, on the other hand, along with her historical/mythical connections, create an ontological offset between different "realities" of Barmâyeh as a pet-object. Through these misfits/offsets, Barmâyeh can be explored as a canvas for dynamic projection of characteristics and readings/misreadings. She is underdeveloped--to open possibilities for misreading, yet defined enough to retain its being as a pet.” ー Barmâyeh

    Photo © A+D Museum

    Photo © A+D Museum

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