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Proposal for New Boeing Factory in Long Beach, CA

+ Motion Design Proposal


This project is a proposal for three-dimensionalization an existing Boeing factory in Long Beach, California. 
Developed at Greg Lynn Suprastudio at UCLA, this project speculates on the architectural potential of motion--in both literal and phenomenal manners, to reimagine formal, operational, functional, and spacial qualities of the existing Boeing factory. 
Shaped upon the previous design investigation--RR Robotic Space, and Amethyst Cluster projects, Boeing Future Factory, looks at two primary levels:

1- Motion as a driver for three-dimensionalizing the assembly-line:

 One of the main issues in the existing setup at the Boeing factory in Long Beach is the limited footprint and the time-consuming assembly process. These issues cause slow assembly process, as well as limited number operations during a month. 
As a proposal, Boeing Future Factory looks into motion, as a way to use the same bay footprint of the existing factory, to assemble--up to, four times more airplanes. This is possible through a 3D_assemly-line proposal, where a folding chunk of the building, moves(folds) correlated with the motions of the airplane body (fuselage), to provide less distance between the body and the parts that are being assembled/added to the body.
Through a precise back and forth process--in both digital and physical studies, the folding plane--carrying some parts such as wing for assembly, orients itself perfectly to prepare the assembly process in ideal setup given the traditional requirements of--for instance, wing to fuselage assembly. Similar considerations and relationships between parts and their assembly requirements develop the rest of the spacial, mechanical, and architectural configurations.

2- Motion as a formal/spacial design tool:

Through an iterative motion design, moving parts of the building--mainly the folding platform, started to inform the formal and spacial organizational decisions. Moving and sweeping effects have been converted to carving tools to sculpt the interiority of the building. The exterior shell has been vacuumed to these "activity clouds" as a way to formalize the motion/activity that is happening inside. 

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