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Cyberphysical Design Interface

Robotics + AR

Mixed Robotic Interface is a project-based design-research investigation studying new ways of creating hybridized cyber-physical design and experience interfaces, at the intersection of robotics—as the core component, and augmented reality, game design, projection mapping, and digital fabrication.

Mixed Robotic Interface Γ—as part of the Mixed Robotic Interface series of research projects, focuses on using “actual” and “virtual” robot arms as possible creative medium and extensions of design/gaming environment creating immersive atmospheres for “experiencing” design.
This research questions the possibilities of creating architectural/spatial atmospheres through digitally enhanced experiences. Different from some of the current experiments with AR and projection-mapping in architecture, Mixed Robotic Interface Γ is not looking into “immersive” experience as a way to “blur” the boundaries of digital and physical—similar to virtual reality experience. Instead, Mixed Robotic Interface Γ uses story-telling as a way to engage the audience with the experience and to create atmospheric qualities.

Mixed Robotic Interface Γ  follows Sylvia Lavin’s “Man vs. Machine” retooling creativity exhibition conversation, where Lavin asserts that Increasingly larger amounts of creative resources are being put into producing new tools and concepts that are designed not to make things but, to amplify the creative capacities of others (Lavin, 2015).

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