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Robotic Videography + AR

Virtual Frictions

Workshop @ LSU February 13-15, 2020

From [the Syllabus]:

RAV workshop revisits the notion of “digital fabrication” as fabrication of digitality, through digitalizing the physical and physicalizing the digital. Using native digital/physical interpreters of digital data, robot arms, and augmented reality platforms, RAV investigates a possible medium to establish a workflow between a custom-made AR application and a curated robotic motion.

Enhanced through the lens of the existing contemporary discourse about representation, students use RAV workflow to develop a hybrid actual/virtual video, that is half digital and half physical. In this two-day workshop, students will be introduced to possible digital and physical mediums, including:


  • Robotic motion control 

  • Realtime communication with Robot

  • Developing an AR application 

  • Learning basics of modeling and animation in Autodesk MAYA

As an outcome of the workshop, students will develop a robotic videography path for the UR5 robot arm to capture a curated video of the AR “scene,” which is half physical and half digital. Looking through the lens of the robot arm and via a curated camera path, each project would be a result of a well-directed set-up. 

By completing the workshop, it is expected for students to achieve the following pedagogical objectives:

  • Ability to program/design motion for Universal Robot arms.

  • Basic understanding of AR application development

  • Basic knowledge of developing AR-executable digital models and animated scenes

  • Fundamental familiarity with Texture mapping, and material making

  • Conceptual understanding of robot-arms and AR application beyond their representation capabilities and as an experience (UX) medium.

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