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   By Benjamin Cyvas, and Clayton Odell | Fourth-year UG.

Advanced Visualization Seminar

Vertical / Seminar | Fall 2018

From [the Studio Syllabus]:


Real/Surreal is an investigation on hybrid/hyper reality conditions where the boundary between real, fake, actual, virtual, and imaginary blurs.
As par to this visualization seminar, students use different methods--ranging from animation techniques to robotic videography, to synchronize digitally produce materials with real footage of the "real" world. Throughout this back and forth process, there is no real or fake, and actual or virtual anymore. They all blend into one real/surreal hybrid.

   By Badr Zabarah_Obai Sameran | Fourth-year UG.

   By Benjamin Cyvas, and Clayton Odell | Fourth-year UG.

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