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A+D Museum Los Angeles

3-Ways Group Exhibition


Video Installation

Designed and exhibited as part of the 3-Ways show at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles, “Robotic Pool Party!” project revisits the potential of virtual animated robots and projection mapping as a method for experiencing the space and creating atmosphere through storytelling. Using animation as a storytelling medium, “Robotic Pool Party!” uses a combination of realistic and fake representational techniques to achieve a unique mixed atmosphere. Employing digital physics engines in conjunction with Inverse Kinematic (IK) techniques—to animate the robot on one hand, and highly saturated plastic/toy-like qualities of the materials—even water, on the other hand, creates a blended yet divergent mixture of qualities to craft a unique story that lives between mediums and realities. Migrated from a factory assembly line, the robot at this pool party becomes a “humanoid,” and the ultimate character of the “story.” Celebrating the friction between actual and virtual, as well as real and projected, and interacting with its surroundings, the robot—in combination with its context, becomes a medium in which, the audiences, experience the atmosphere of the installation.

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