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@refworks | a web-based architecture gallery


2048 x 2048 pixel square.

From the invitation: 
"9^3 Squares is an architecture exhibition that is based on the familiar logic of the 9-square
design problem in architecture. Using Instagram’s readymade image display format - the
continuous grid of squares, 3 across and infinitely long - 9^3 Squares will collect individual tiles
made by a curated group of contributors to produce a continuous interior. This interior will live
on Instagram, an exquisite-corpse-like quilt that is 3 rooms wide and 243 rooms long."

Sunken Room of Venus | Location: The Mediterranean Sea | 387.501 sq ft

It's a sunken room, with all occupants frozen into marble; Carved away with the waves of the Mediterranean sea and the brutal hands of a cutting plane. You're free to walk around, climb, touch, move parts--if you can! and take photos--no flash, but please knock before entering!


    Plan Object


    Section Object

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