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Plug-in for Grasshopper 3D

WorkFlow / Robotics

Oriole Alpha is a custom-made plug-in for robotic motion control solutions in grasshopper 3D visual programming environment with the main focus on simplifying the design process and the workflow for robotic motion design. 

Oriole is a parametric tool that enables users/designers to design robotic motion-paths, based on the notion of keyframing and animation. Using Oriole, designers are able to simulate—and ultimately develop robotic movements in more intuitive free-form ways.

Employing Rhino 3D as a digital modeling platform and Grasshopper 3D and its robotic simulation platforms for different industrial robots such as KUKA, ABB, and Universal, Oriole enables designers to create a precise interaction between the robot, its spatial “performance” and the physical environment through animation.

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